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January 18 2016


Gawker Media Group Hacked. 1.3 Million Accounts compromised!

Nashvillians using Gawker.com accounts should find out if their account ended up being certainly one of the 1.3M accounts exposed more than the actual weekend.

Gawker.com additionally referred to always be able to as Gawker Media Team servers had been hacked this past weekend. Upon December 11, 2010, a bunch calling by themselves Gnosis releases a set of usernames, e-mails, and also passwords. Though passwords had been encrypted, of the approximately 2 million accounts compromised, 188,279 of which are already decoded and made public. This pirate king hack tool particular amount is anticipated for you to rise as the team provides a lot more time and also energy to operate brute-force attacks on the passwords.

As a portion of the actual hack Gnosis introduced hacked accounts through peer in order to peer torrent sites such as Pirate Bay. The Actual file getting shared more than torrent site can be approximately the sized hour and also half lengthy movie with 487MB.

In Gnosis launch notes, "So, here we are once more with a monster relieve ownage and also information droppage. Prior attacks against the goal were mocked, therefore we came along and also raised the particular bar a new little."

Are that anyone simply register person in Gawkin Media. Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jezebel, io9, Jalopnik, Kotaku, and also Deadspin, tend to be among the few websites that will accounts and also passwords are already compromised and exposed.

Gawker Media is recommending almost all members change his or her Gawker password and on any other web sites about which usually you've utilized exactly the same passwords.

Also if you have a Gawker account which you discuss with Twitter. Alter the Twitter account password. Twitter may be hit together with spam attacks these people contribute for the Gawker hack.

Twitters Have Confidence In along with Safety team wrote in which a spam attack appeared being below way about its service. Your spam advertises acai berries, the sort of diet program aid. by Jeremy Kirk,

Was my account and also password exposed. Slate.com has put collectively a handy widget to assist a person locate out. Don't be concerned it really does not store some of your data for just concerning any purpose. In case one happens to locate yourself within the list PCWorld has a excellent article on what to accomplish next.

Allows possess some entertaining at Gawkers.coms expense and also learn a little whilst were with it.

It's 1974 upon American Bandstand. Michael Jackson as well as the Jackson 5 come on to stage as well as sang their particular subsequent primary hit, ABC. Lyrics some thing towards the order associated with ABC, 123, child you with every other with me. Ironically here within 2010, ABC, 123 will always be the quantity 6 password discovered being utilized by Gawker customers as well as workers associated with Gawker Media.

What has been numeral Uno password about the list? Would you believe, 123456, then none other than phrase password itself? Here would always be the top 50 user passwords entirely on Gawker Media Servers.

Trustno1, Moulders password in X-Files will be thirteenth about the list. Letmein becoming correct there with it with amount twelve.

Tony Bradley in PCW wrote an outstanding article about Creating Secure Passwords you Can Bear throughout mind anyone may want to read.

Lifehacker additionally responses with apologies and also steps an individual may require to take to discover out if your account continues to be exposed through Gawker Media.

Do you've a unique approach to produce and don't forget strong passwords? Exactly what software program would you use if any? Discuss all your ideas together with us here at Examiner.com.

January 14 2016


8 Games Like Fantage - Virtual World Games For Kids

Create a Wizard Within This Game Just Like Fantage

Wizard101 is a social game blended together with flip based gaming which is created for kids and teenagers.

Users could sign-up with regard to free associated with charge and create their really own Wizard to be able to discover the all round game world, fight enemies and also help make friends. Together With many different schools involving magic to investigate in which every come using their extremely own story, design and also designs it's an simple process to create a customised Wizard that sets anyone apart via others within the game.

Wizard101 offers countless accounts and also supplies a moviestarplanet hack selection of actions with regard to one to enjoy. Through communicating with various other people within real time for you to exploring the actual community, playing games, decorating virtual spaces and also buy the latest garments as well as accessories to your Wizard. Together With plenty associated with quests and other players you're by absolutely no means brief upon options.

Alternatively, if you would rather play like a pirate you can obtain a comparable expertise to Wizard101 inside the spin-off game involving pirates, Pirate101.

Wizard101 - Official Website

January 11 2016


Examiner.com's Annual Year In Film Review 2015: 20 Questions Part III


Tim Hall: "Worthy? How could a person be worthy? You're almost all killers. A Person want to protect your world, yet you do not need it to end up being able to change. There's only 1 path to peace... your extinction." - Ultron inside Avengers: Grow Older regarding Ultron.

David Wangberg: I think of it just like this. When you are heading to consume the sandwich, you would just appreciate it a lot more should you knew no one had f***ed it. That which You Perform inside the Shadows

Brian Zitzelman: Witness me!!!! of the many excellent things about Mad Max: Fury Road, amongst the finest will be its depiction regarding terrorism as well as its ties to end up being able to religion. the War Boys's devotion for their master/mentor/God Immortan Joe is succinctly shown when they sacrifice themselves in order to his will and also cry out, Witness me!

Drew Powell: Oh, exactly what a day. Exactly what a lovely day! Mad Max: Fury Road.

Matt Oakes: "Oh, such a day. Precisely what any lovely day." There's been simply no quote this season I've muttered, exclaimed as well as shouted greater than Nux's crazed jihad mantra. Your boy lives, he dies, he lives again as shall that quote by means of the subsequent century. Nux will be my favorite cancer-ridden movie skinhead of most time, also it doesn't hurt that will just about everything he says is quote-city.

Chris Sawin: "You won't survive here; you may well be not a wolf. This will be the terrain involving wolves." Sicario.

Sara Michelle Fetters: Would he also make you dress just similar to a slutty dolphin trainer? Susan Cooper, Spy.

Tom Santilli: Dialogue is actually admittedly tough for me to don't forget when viewing an umpteen number of films more than the span of the actual year, but several in which tied to me: Matt Damon, inside The Particular Martian, saying: Im gonna need to science the actual sh*t out of this. Or Even Han Solo scowling to always be able to Finn: That Will isnt how a Force works! Or Perhaps maybe throughout Ted 2, when the girl doesnt understand who Samuel L. Jackson is, Ted says: you seen virtually any movie ever? Hes the black guy. and I needed to look this 1 up, yet allows go back again to Kingsman: the Secret Service, and heres what Colin Firths character says just before the church beat-down: Im the Catholic whore, at present enjoying congress from wedlock together with my black Jewish boyfriend whom functions with a military abortion clinic. Therefore hail Satan, along with use a lovely afternoon, madam.

Rubn Rosario: Your honor would go to Sarah Paulson in Carol. When Harge Aird (Kyle Chandler), your title character's estranged husband, confesses to end up being able to the woman's greatest friend/former flame Abby (Paulson) which he's even now throughout enjoy along using his wife, Abby moves for that jugular: I can't enable you to along with that. Pity, contempt, compassion as well as ruthlessness almost all retracted in a single hell of your zinger.

Glenn Percival: The Particular words havent been invented yet. The Particular writing throughout Furious 7 is indeed absurd, and furthermore this line had me laughing the entire day, along with I nonetheless use all associated with it the particular time. I just wish I had Vin Diesels gravelly voice to provide the range a lot more impact.

Jason Roestel: Can Be it odd to other people the film along with seemingly minimal quantity regarding spoken dialogue Mad Max: Fury road is cleaning inside the quote department this year? My favorite collection via 2015: "Somebody famously declared your method to finish your Vietnam war has been to place it upon ABC as well as it would end up being canceled inside 13 weeks." - Greatest Associated With Enemies.


Tim Hall: Sicario has got the greatest opening. That may be your best opening I've ever seen. Every Thing from your bodies they discover inside the house for the transport will be amazing.

David Wangberg: Your silent 27-minute intro regarding Bridge of Spies ended up being beautiful, as well as the capturing associated with Mark Rylances Rudolf Abel ended up being intense in order to watch unfold.

Brian Zitzelman: Steven Spielbergs Bridge associated with Spies appears to get come, completed alright along with let itself out the back door. This kind of low-key Cold War yarn split a few since it progressed using a low-simmer energy in which turned some off. I consider we are generally able to just about all agree, though, that will it begins magnificently, as were brought to Mark Rylance as becoming a painter who is getting accompanied by government agents. He walks around new York City, seems innocent and it is clearly wilier when compared with his meager frame may imply.

Drew Powell: Mad Max: Fury Road. I enjoy the way George Miller forgoes tedious exposition along with drops us into the midst of this crazy post-apocalyptic world, practically within mid-action. Following the first ten minutes or even consequently had been currently out around the highway with Max, Furiosa as well as the five Wives, knowing just about all we have to realize as regarding this point in the story.

Matt Oakes: Gotta give this someone to Sorkin. like together with Your Social Network, prior to end up being able to the movie has even started, Sorkin's script has pounded anyone together with dialogue. While your lights occur up and also Jobs (Michael Fassbender), Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet) as well as Andy Hertzfeld scrunch their own faces in the Macintosh's error-ridden voice demo, we're instantly locked to the scene along with invested inside the plight in the extremely real, frequently extremely nasty, characters. Today that's how you start any movie.

Chris Sawin: Mad Max: Fury Road. The Actual total film tries to make your heart leap out of one's chest, but it begins with that opening sequence. Max obtaining apprehended and also tattooed, attempting in order to flee, becoming haunted simply by his past, and inside the end being a blood bag. The Actual visuals tend to be consequently striking.

Sara Michelle Fetters: the opening sequence within The idea Follows will be among probably your most breathlessly chilling Ive observed in ages, environment happens for that emotive carnage to occur brilliantly.

Tom Santilli: Ill go together with Star Wars: The Particular Force Awakens. Through the particular opening crawl for the 1st battle in the darkish together with fire backlighting the battle upon Jakku, we had been instantly given new hope that this is the The Exorcist we remembered. The idea has been riveting and also exciting, with just about all the wait of 30 numerous a prolonged time of anticipation powering it. Honorable mention would go to The Actual Revenant, whose very first half-hour had been equally breathtaking, yet way more unsettling.

Rubn Rosario: Your middle-aged man undergoes his day inside late-1950s Brooklyn. Sure, Uncle Sam's pesky drones are usually monitoring his each step, nevertheless that is actually not likely to obtain within the means of the leisurely stroll or even a number of therapeutic painting. Steven Spielberg will take his time to suit the needs to dwell within the mundane areas of Rudolf Abel's life, along with what helps help make the opening minutes involving Bridge involving Spies stand out will be he really does the alternative associated with opening with a bang. Rather, he settles in to end up being able to the film's environment with the patience of an old(er) master. I'm inside excellent hands, I thought to myself, after which I just allow Uncle Steven just take it through there.

Glenn Percival: Spectre. What an attack on most with the viewers senses. Bond walks out on the roof in the hotel, blows leading of 1 other building up, it almost falls upon him, the chase ensues and therefore they find yourself in a helicopter. a fight breaks out within the chopper in world wide web marketing whizzes mere feet higher than a crowd celebrating Da de los Muertos inside the center involving the city. The Particular choice isnt even near when I believe about how precisely movies opened this year. Spectre blew these most out with the water.

Jason Roestel: I'll go ahead and also take substantial street and also say Son of Saul. It takes a couple of minutes to have acclimated to what specifically is certainly going on in the opening with the film. The Particular camera hugs our lead's face tightly, in no way seeming for you to want to let go. (nor can it, within among this film's many strokes regarding brilliance) We're pining to determine what is heading about about this character within this dungeon globe he's apathetically laboring in. Then it sinks within where we are, whom he is, and also what's happening - along with suddenly we don't want to see anymore.


Tim Hall: Ex-Machina gets the very best ending. The Actual story hides Ava's correct motives until your end. the appear upon Nathan's deal with says it all.

David Wangberg: the final minutes of room are generally the most potent Ive seen this year. As soon As the actual movie ended, I had to consider a while in the theater to catch my breath also to obtain rid with the tears.

Brian Zitzelman: Right now there had been a quantity of particularly breathtaking endings within 2015. Mad Max: Fury road as well as 45 years located hope as well as despair reaching new states, respectively. Phoenix, though. Phoenix is actually sort of about which ending, having its heroine finally soaring to a clean devote life, after a film's worth of hesitation along with doubt.

Drew Powell: Queen of Earth. the really last shot of Alex Ross Perrys film, showing Elizabeth Moss within close-up cackling, together with Keegan DeWitts eerie score, is disturbing as well as absolutely unforgettable, an image in which continues to haunt me and also supply chills when I think about it. Its a appropriate conclusion for an equally chilling and also unforgettable movie.

Matt Oakes: This kind of 1 is a toss-up with regard to me. on the major one hand, I enjoy your puppet mastery regarding Alex Garland as well as Alicia Vikander's Eva in Ex Machina; the way in which in which no character escapes a pile-driver of the double-cross and also that (SPOILER) final shot of Eva upon the street corner that she when advised Caleb had been the primary one location she'd many prefer to visit. The idea affirms some associated with the sincerity and also "humanity" inside a character which has otherwise just showcased a new brutal lack of both. on another hand, Creed could be the movie associated with 2015 that really proves the KO within its fading seconds. Your one-two punch of that final ring battle, Creed's coming-clean confession about not wanting to become able to affirm which he was indeed not truly a mistake, and also Ludwig Gransson's triumphant score created all involving my arm hairs climb onto finish as well as my heart skip several beats.

Chris Sawin: Sicario. I was a little disappointed using the film upon its 1st viewing, nevertheless the ending will be extraordinary. Emily Blunt delivers among the woman's strongest performances and Benicio Del Toro just continues being the go-to guy pertaining to memorable on-screen characters.

Sara Michelle Fetters: Phoenix. Absolutely No question. The movie with a literal mic drop moment pertaining to its protagonist thats each ballsy and also superb.

Tom Santilli: I need to say I has been very excited to see both Chappie along with Tomorrowland finish however the greatest ending throughout 2015 is again, zero question, Star Wars: The Actual Force Awakens. As Well As dont act like you dont recognize why.

Rubn Rosario: While endings go, simply no movie launched in 2015 can touch Phoenix. a great thing, since it turns out, since director Christian Petzold engineered his post-WWII drama as a sluggish buildup compared to that final moment involving the Jewish chanteuse which survived the particular death camps and the husband whom may or perhaps might not possess access to played any hand in their capture. Your scene is staged and cut to perfection, plus it hits you being a punch to the gut. Whoa. speak loooowwww...

Glenn Percival: Not Necessarily many stick out this year. I loved the particular homage for you to On Your Ex Behalf Majestys Secret Services after Spectre, as well as the end involving Mr. Holmes as well. I possess a feeling, though, in which it is likely to be The Actual Hateful Eight. Ive watched a couple of associated with the movies that inspired it, and seeing how movies such as The Genuinely Amazing Silence concerned extremely non-traditional and non-Hollywood endings, Im expecting some thing alongside those lines along with Your Hateful Eight.

Jason Roestel: I adore Your Flash's protect of Springsteen's "My love will Not Permit Anyone Down" following Jonathan Demme's enormously underrated Ricki As Properly Since The Flash. It's a stretch to trust that will rock songs has the healing energy necessary to always be able to patch 30 many years of abandonment, anger, along with pain, yet this 1 scene designed a believer from me. Demme smartly closes his film using a title card screaming RICKI AND THE FLASH in red, album art letters, plus it took everything I hadn't in order to raise my iPhone up within the theater, screen lit as a makeshift butane lighter, in order to solemnly acknowledge this fantastic movie along with its final performance.


Tim Hall: The Particular Overnight. It's among the actual greatest comedies of the particular season plus it has just any little coronary heart to it.

David Wangberg: Im surprised theres thus little talk about The Finish in the Tour. This breaks each along with every single trope inside the biopic realm, as well as delivers a new refreshing, heartbreaking tale with regards to David Foster Wallace. And Also Jason Segel gives the greatest performance involving his career in the film.

Brian Zitzelman: a Pigeon Sat on the Branch Reflecting about Existence will be not really a film title that will flows off your tongue as well as entices the sporadic filmgoer. Neither is the pitch that it is the number of largely unconnected vignettes from the Norwegian critical darling. Simply No matter; these which enjoy a new little bit of absurdist farce and strange visual gags will have significantly to love here. When the much less manic Monty Python sounds appealing, give it any go.

Drew Powell: Your Overnight. Patrick Brices criminally underseen swinger comedy will be one of the few comedies Ive seen of late where Ive been about edge practically the whole way through, by zero means becoming capable of predict its twist and also turns. Brice blends with each and every other the right quantity of sheer awkwardness and outrageousness. Youre created so uncomfortable you need to seek refuge underneath your own seat, while in exactly the particular same time you need in order to stay to see precisely how crazy items could get. A New great deal of times comedies tend being bogged down inside plot and also exposition; The Actual Overnight demonstrates that will creating a prosperous comedy may be as easy as bringing a pair of couples together for any single night.

Matt Oakes: Oh boy, I've been waiting for this one. And Also rubbing people's faces in it all year. the Witch, baby, Your Witch. I determined it very best to depart it coming from consideration with regard to my top Ten this year, nevertheless this is the particular perfect chance for me personally to once more flaunt your fact that I took in this New England horror fable (in January, zero less) since I loved the actual damn thing as well as happen to become able to be jonesing to determine it once more at just about any time since. The Actual Witch is actually a beautiful amalgamation regarding historical drama and also mind-altering horror; the Witch is definitely an extremely realized product. There's simply no surprise Roger Eggers won best Director at this year's Sundance.

Chris Sawin: Turbo Kid. Such a fun film. Verify it out should you similar to 80s cinema, Mad Max, or Michael Ironside being the onscreen villain which you want to hate.

Sara Michelle Fetters: Bone Tomahawk.

Tom Santilli: Very Best films which nobody noticed this year: The idea Follows, Enjoy & Mercy, Clouds involving Sils Maria, the Diary of your Teenage Girl, James White and also Tangerine. In Zero Way heard of the few regarding these? Thats type of the particular point. Appear these people up, seek them out; a person wont always be disappointed.

Rubn Rosario: The Actual Diary of a Teenage Girl opened along with closed with out much fanfare, and it's actually a real shame, simply because this is really a tale involving sexual awakening which could have got effortlessly slid straight into broad caricature and also facile depiction associated with its environment (San Fran in the mid-1970s). Your story of the 15-year-old girl's affair using the girl mother's boyfriend (played by way of a terrific Alexander Skarsgrd) could have got furthermore been judgmental involving its characters' actions, nevertheless first-time feature director Marielle Heller, adapting Phoebe Gloeckner's graphic novel, can be getting none associated with it, and he or she imbues your ex tender embrace of your film using nuance as well as limitless affection. Your Woman designed a keeper 1 that's released on DVD/Blu-ray Jan. 16. Don't allow it slip through again.

Glenn Percival: Mr. Holmes. Its definitely various than what I expected to be able to see, nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed reading this film and the performances. Its the tiny film using a slow pace, yet using a fantastic story advised from the fantastic perspective. Insanely charming!

Jason Roestel: This kind of one's easy. Steve Jobs. A Person idiots overlooked Steve Jobs. Zero offense, I ended up being an idiot too. I dismissed Health-related Reasons till it was no more during my energy to accomplish so.


Tim Hall: Tom Hardy throughout Your Revenant. A Person hate his character consequently much, a person learn to like him.

David Wangberg: Its the toss-up between Jason Segel with regard to the End with the Tour and Benicio del Toro for Sicario. Each were not simply excellent, but they furthermore confirmed how much range they've got as actors.

Brian Zitzelman: Saoirse Ronan as Eilis throughout Brooklyn will get my nod. That is performance involving deceiving simplicity, with humor, tenderness and also fantastic grief laced straight into its heart. Right now there would become a lot of speak this past year with regards to Boyhood depicting any boy growing up and becoming a man literally facing our eyes. Ronan manages to convey in which sensation inside two hours, even though the lady probably simply bodily outdated a number of months. The Particular transformation regarding innocent, confused small woman to confident, proud adult is a significant feat for you to behold inside Ronans capable hands.

Drew Powell: Benicio Del Toro in Sicario. Following all these months, I nonetheless cant find Del Toros quietly menacing, nuanced performance from my head. Inside any lot of ways his mysterious mercenary Alejandro may be the core associated with Denis Villeneuves movie. Del Toro is one of our really best actors; his performance here ranks among his really best, and furthermore the fact which he isnt obtaining more awards interest is a war crime.

Matt Oakes: This kind of year, more than most, there is actually not 1 performance that will I would point to along with say: THAT'S THE ONE! Within fact, it is a somewhat lackluster 12 months with regard to performances that'll possibly see Leonardo DiCaprio finally acquire regarding his fifth or even sixth very best role. That's not to price reduction what Leo would throughout The Actual Revenant a fantastic deal as to claim that he's typically an casual shoe-in pertaining to my favorite performance as well as I don't think that is the truth this year. but then again, I'm not too certain that there's something better. Jason Segel isn't acquiring any credit rating for his lovely portrait involving David Foster Wallace within The Conclusion of the Tour, and which frustrates me. Nicholas Hoult within Mad Max is a revelation. I adore Alicia Vikander inside Ex Machina and also would pay cash to determine her obtain nominated regarding it. Brie Larson blew me away inside Room, as would Lily Tomlin inside Grandma. little Oona Lawrence obliterated the girl role throughout under-the-radar dramatic thriller Lamb. Just About All within all, I'd say this year's for that girls.

Chris Sawin: Tom Hardy inside The Actual Revenant. I've admired Hardy's skill since Bronson, however he's become a lot more plus more impressive over time. He seems certifiably insane in The Particular Revenant for the extent that you can see his insanity slipping away since the film progresses. He rarely blinks, talks inside an unrecognizable accent, along with tells the particular best absolutely bonkers stories. Give this man an Oscar already.

Sara Michelle Fetters: Nina Hoss, Phoenix.

Tom Santilli: for best Actor, I have got Bryan Cranston within Trumbo along with Michael Caine in Youth. for Greatest Actress, I have got Bel Powley throughout The Particular Diary of the Teenage Girl as well as Cate Blanchett, but furthermore for Truth and not Carol (although your woman had been good because as well). Supporting performances, Kristen Stewart had been clear front-runner pertaining to Clouds involving Sils Maria, but additionally loved Alicia Vikander this coming year (The Danish Girl, Testament of Youth and also Ex Machina). And In Which I believe I'm the greatest fan about the planet of younger Jacob Tremblay inside Room, who, regarding me, is usually the actual one performance this year deserving regarding an award win.

Ruben Roasario: The toss-up between Anne Dorval (Mommy) and also Nina Hoss (Phoenix), however really, in the big event it comes to end up being able to terrific performances by means of a female actor inside a leading role, your 2015 roster will be vast. (Rampling! Blanchett! Ronan!)

Glenn Percival: Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Actual Force Awakens. she owns one of the biggest roles to always be able to at virtually any time always be positioned using one individuals shoulders, and the lady or he handles it a lot far better than anybody could at just about any time expect. A New lot occurs the woman's character inside a number of hours, and Daisys portrayal couldnt have been better. I cant wait around to see her character evolve even more inside the subsequent films.

Jason Roestel: I'm likely using Benicio del Toro within Sicario, along with for your ladies I'm caught among Daisy Ridley and realm of mad god hack also Saoirse Ronan throughout The Exorcist VII along with Brooklyn. Yet I'm constantly considering your mountain Tom Hardy had to climb to try out a convincing Max Rockatansky. This really is Mel Gibson's signature role. It's not just a difficult role, nevertheless you've to own it and also you can not even be considered a microbe off playing this character as well as it can come off as ragged jocularism. (IE: Vin Diesel) This was a massive blow when I discovered Mel Gibson couldn't survive returning to play Max - to suit the needs The Exorcist fans imagine a person besides Harrison Ford playing Han Solo - however it absolutely was less of a blow following I saw the movie.


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